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Heets Creations Glaze

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks

    Origin: Russia

    Flavour: Creations Glaze is a delicate mix of fresh spices and aromatic herbs, with a soft creamy finish.

AED 136.00 AED 170.00

Heets Creations Glaze

The Heets Creation Glaze is a beautiful fusion of freshly ground spices and fragrant herbs, delicately prepared to captivate your palate with a heavenly sensation. This unique blend of flavors is precisely crafted to provide an exquisite vaping experience that is unparalleled. 


Rich Aroma of Herbs and Spices

The Creation Glaze captivates your senses with its enticing fragrance that lingers in the atmosphere, filling your surroundings with a flawless blend of captivating herbs and spices. The carefully selected assortment of newly sourced spices and fragrant herbs guarantees a balanced and comprehensive vaping encounter.  


An Unique Flavor

Savor the velvety texture and creamy taste that accompanies this exceptional flavour with each inhale. The smooth and rich texture of the cream harmoniously complements the intense flavors of the spices, providing a comforting sensation to your taste buds and creating a desire for additional servings. It has another type of amazing option Heets Creations Yugen.


Made with NHB (Non-Heat Burn) Technology

The Heets Creation Glaze is crafted using heat-not-burn technology to enhance your vaping experience. Featuring a delicate yet irresistible profile, this creation is the perfect companion for those seeking a refined and unique experience.


Key Features

  • Refreshing and creamy finish
  • Offers a rich and spicy herbal aroma
  • Made with non-heat burn technology
  • Top notes: fresh spices and aromatic herbs


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