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Heets Creations Noor

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks

    Origin: Russia

    Flavour: Creations Noor is an elegant tobacco blend with a warm nutty flavour, delicate citrus and fruity notes.

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Heets Creations Noor

The Heets Creation Noor is a one-of-a-kind flavor that represents the epitome of finesse in tobacco blends. Indulge in rich, nutty flavors masterfully balanced with lively hints of citrus and fruity undertones. This new premium Heets Creation Noor is a harmonious combination of two unique fragrances with a fascinating element - alternate in enticing your senses. 


Experience the Rich Blend of Nuts and Citrus

The alluring aroma of nuts fills your sense of smell as you light your Noor stick. A burst of citrus and fruits dance on your taste buds when you exhale, vividly bringing to life a medley of flavors. Tobacco's presence is undeniable, but it is the captivating blend of nutty and citrus scents that gracefully wraps it, turning the experience into something exquisitely gentle.


Offers a Unique Taste Journey

This flavor of Heets Creation offers a smooth, pleasant-tasting experience just like Heets Creations Apricity. These lightweight sticks are perfect for everyday use, effortlessly enhancing your smoking experience. Every puff of Heets Creation Noor lets you taste the seamless union of nutty and citrus that elevates the smoking experience. This remarkable flavour leaves you with a softer, more tender taste that is ideal for day-to-day enjoyment.


Key Features

  • Refreshing and creamy finish
  • Offers a rich and spicy herbal aroma
  • Made with non-heat burn technology
  • Top notes: Warm nuts, circus, and fruity undertones.


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