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Heets Creations Yugen

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks

    Origin: Russia

    Flavour: Creations Yugen is a delightful combination of fruity notes and floral aromas with a final fresh chord.

AED 136.00 AED 170.00

Heets Creations Yugen

Experience the art of scent with Heets Creations Yugen, a unique and captivating addition to the Heets collection. Yugen brings an entirely new and exciting dimension to your smoking rituals by exploring innovative flavor combinations of rich floral and fruity aromas. 


Enjoy the exquisite, rich floral and velvety flavours.

The new Heets Creations Yugen is attentively made with great perfection and care. It offers a captivating combination of mint and exotic fruity flavors delicately mixed with the solid and robust taste of tobacco. This intriguing combination produces a harmonious equilibrium that will leave your taste senses yearning for additional indulgence. The lavender undertones add depth and complexity to your smoking experience as the flavors develop.

Made with Heat-not-Burn Technology

Designed specifically for use with IQOS devices, Heets Creations Yugen boasts a revolutionary heat-not-burn technology that brings out the true essence of the blend. The sophisticated heating system ensures that every puff is consistent, delivering a satisfying and flavorsome experience every time. It has another amazing type Heets Creations Glaze.

Key Features

  • Refreshing and rich finish
  • Offers a rich and spicy herbal aroma
  • Made with non-heat burn technology
  • Top notes: Light mint and fresh chords


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