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Heets Noor Dimensions

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks

    Origin: Kazakhstan

    Flavour: The taste of Noor Dimensions is warm, medium-strong tobacco base with compliments of the nut and citrus fruits, similar to Amber Selection, a little sweet, like amaretto liqueur.

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Heets Noor Dimensions

The Heets Noor Dimensions is a harmonious blend of warmth and fruitiness. Similar to the Maber selection, this Heets Dimension flavor offers a unique and sophisticated tobacco experience. Carefully formulated to provide a medium-strength aroma with enticing notes of nut and citrus fruits, this flavor will please even the most picky tobacco lovers.

An Aromatic Tobacco Base Complemented By Nutty And Citrus Notes

This flavor features a robust and balanced tobacco foundation that evokes the cherished Amber Selection. Upon inhaling, experience the alluring fragrance of premium tobacco leaves, meticulously grown and thoughtfully chosen to guarantee an extraordinary flavor. It's a taste experience you won't soon forget. The velvety smoke swirls as you inhale, and the flavor interplay catches your attention. The delicate flavors of nuts linger on your taste buds, providing a gratifyingly silky and luxurious experience.  


The Noor Dimensions also have a subtle presence of citrus fruits, seamlessly blending with the tobacco composition. It adds a subtle sweetness similar to amaretto liquor to delight your taste buds further. This light sweetness remains softly, adding a touch of elegance to each puff, like a whispered secret.

Key Features

  • Sticks per pack: 20
  • Sticks per carton: 200
  • Top notes: Medium-strong tobacco base with nut and citrus fruit undertones

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