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Iluma sticks Bronze

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks

    Origin: Indonesia

    Flavour: A luxurious and indulgent smoking experience.Enjoy a mellow and aromatic blend of tobacco,complemented by cocoa and dry fruits aroma notes.

    Compatible:Only For use with IQOS Iluma Series.

AED 135.00

Iluma Sticks Bronze

The Iluma Sticks Bronze are perfectly crafted to provide a sensory delight unlike anything else you've ever experienced. Its rich and earthy tobacco notes are enhanced by the enchanting essence of cocoa, adding to the overall depth and complexity. Each puff offers a beautiful mix of smooth and fragrant tobaccos that work well together. 


A Perfect Tobacco Blend With Cocoa and Dry Fruits Undertones

The Indonesian version of Iluma Sticks Bronze incorporates subtle notes of dried fruits, bringing a gentle sweetness that harmoniously complements the tobacco profiles. Every stick is carefully produced by hand, using only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a flawless smoking experience on every occasion. Experience the utmost richness using Iluma Sticks Bronze and enjoy a much-needed break from your daily routine. Elevate your smoking experience and explore a fusion that harmonizes the practice of unwinding with unique and intriguing tastes. 


Key Features

  • Each bundle contains ten packs
  • Only For use with IQOS Iluma Series
  • Top notes: Tobacco, cocoa, and dry fruits
  • Made with HBT (heat-not-burn technology) to heat and not burn the tobacco sticks

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