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Iluma Sticks Dimensions Apricity

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks

    Origin: Indonesia

    Flavour: This is carefully crafted blend of rich tobacco and subtle ripe stone fruit nuances, woody notes and velvety creamy sensations provides a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.

    Compatible:Only For use with IQOS Iluma Series.

AED 150.00

Iluma Sticks Dimensions Apricity

The Iluma Sticks Dimensions Apricity has an impressive blend of flavors, including bold tobacco, sweet stone fruit hints, subtle woody overtones, and smooth, creamy textures. We have meticulously selected and combined high-grade tobacco leaves, ensuring exceptional quality. Each puff will provide a seamless fusion of tobacco's bold and soothing flavor with the delicate yet obvious aroma of impeccably matured stone fruits.


Perfect Blend of Rich Tobacco and Subtle Ripe Stone Fruit

The charm of Iluma Sticks Dimensions Apricity lies in its rich and harmonious flavors. With each puff, the rich and complex woody aromas enhance the elegance of your smoking experience. The creamy sensations gently envelop your taste buds, while a luxurious, smooth texture elevates the overall experience, resulting in perfect smoking ecstasy.


Iluma Sticks Dimensions Apricity Indonesian version is a product that represents elegance and is specifically designed for individuals who desire the highest level of finesse. Whether smoked alone or with companions, these premium sticks provide a seamless and gratifying experience, leaving you with a feeling of luxury with every puff.


Key Features

  • Each bundle contains ten packs
  • Only For use with IQOS Iluma Series
  • Top notes: Ripe stone fruit nuances, woody notes, and creamy undertones 
  • Made with HBT (heat-not-burn technology) to heat and not burn the tobacco sticks

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