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IQOS 3 Multi Brillliant Gold

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    Compatible with Heets sticks

    Battery capacity - 830 mAh

    Dimensions: Width: 25.42 mm, Depth: 15,1 mm, Height: 119,25 mm (with the top cover)

AED 380.00 AED 400.00

IQOS 3 Multi - IQOS' First All-In-One Device 

First all-in-one device, sacrificing battery life to bring you a much simpler and more compact device perfect for those on the go. Not only improving the design with this sleek and stunning new kit. But offering faster charging times, in a smaller and easier to use device and even offering a huge array of coloured accessories to really make your IQOS kit your own. 

The IQOS 3 Multi features a swivel-hinge top cap covering the Heet stick chamber. By being an all-in-one kit there is no need for charging between Heets, if you so wished you can start up a second one immediately. They have also upgraded the charging port to USB-C offering you faster charging times and making it easily charged while on the go.


Charging: USB Type-C.

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