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IQOS Cleaning Kit

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IQOS Cleaning Kit

The IQOS Cleaning Kit is a detailed solution created to ensure the cleanliness and best performance of your IQOS device. Equipped with an extensive array of cleaning tools, this package guarantees that each puff you experience is as delightful as the initial one. Now let’s see what’s included in this kit:


Cleaning Sticks (30 pcs)

This pack includes a 30-pack of high-quality cleaning sticks made from the finest materials. These sticks are designed to thoroughly clean every part of your IQOS gadget, removing any remaining residue and ensuring the device performs at its best.


Tweezer (1 pc)

Our carefully crafted tweezer enables a smooth handling of delicate cleaning tasks. The user-friendly handle on the tweezer allows you to safely and effectively remove any particles stuck in your IQOS device.


Cleaning Blade (1 pc)

Ensuring the proper maintenance of the heating element in your IQOS device is essential to have a consistent and delightful experience. The cleaning blade in this package provides a convenient way to remove any buildup, guaranteeing excellent heating efficiency. 


Blade Protector (1 pc)

It’s just as important to take care of your cleaning blade as keeping your IQOS gadget clean. The blade protection that comes with the kit keeps your cleaning blade from getting damaged and ensures it lasts a long time.


Oil Observing Gaskets (2 sheets)

Maintenance convenience is essential to users of IQOS 3, IQOS 3 DUO, and other IQOS devices. Hence, this kit has two oil observing gaskets specifically made for these models. These sheets provide the effortless spotting of any surplus oil, ensuring optimal gadget maintenance.


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