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IQOS Heets Gold Selection Parliament

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    Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks
    Origin: Russia
    Flavour: Balanced and fresh taste with woody notes and light refreshing undertones.
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IQOS Heets Gold Selection Parliament

The IQOS Heets Gold Selection Parliament is an exquisite choice for a balanced and fresh taste experience. This premium selection presents a refined and refreshing flavor profile characterized by woody notes and light, refreshing undertones. Each Heets Gold Selection Parliament is meticulously crafted with precision and experience, resulting in a harmonic combination that brings immense pleasure to the senses.  

An ideal combination of woody notes and light, refreshing undertones

Woody overtones enhance the taste by introducing depth and intricacy, resulting in an authentic tobacco experience. Indulge in the delicate refinement of this distinctive taste as it delicately stimulates your taste buds with each inhalation. This blend ensures impeccable nicotine delivery through its uniquely formulated composition and cutting-edge heat-not-burn technology, enabling you to fully appreciate the intricate nuances of the flavor profile. 


This exquisite tobacco is the epitome of elegance, craftsmanship, and unmatched flavor. Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind product that was carefully made to suit your taste buds. Take your vaping to a whole new level and feel what luxury is all about.

Key Features

  • Sticks per pack: 20
  • Sticks per carton: 200
  • Designed specifically for use with IQOS
  • Top notes: Refreshing woody notes with light, refreshing undertones

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