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Oil Absorbing Sheets

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Oil Absorbing Sheets

These oil-absorbing sheets are designed explicitly for IQOS devices. The oil attracts and absorbs moisture from your devices to help prolong their lifespan. It also ensures that puffs will be cleaner and more flavorful. 


Ultimate Oil Control for Better Performance

Our oil-absorbing sheets efficiently absorb surplus and accumulated residue from your IQOS device, ensuring its freshness and cleanliness. It also helps to enhance the performance of the devices. 


Easy to Use

Using these oil-absorbing sheets is a breeze. Simply place the sheet on the heating element after peeling off the sheet. You'll have a clean and pristine device ready for your vaping pleasure in a few seconds.


Long-lasting and Durable

These oil-absorbing sheets are durable and well-made to survive frequent washings and repeated uses. You'll get the most out of every sheet with its long-lasting functionality.


Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Ensures better vaping sessions
  • Easily absorbs smoke oil from HEETs

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